Cognitive Collaboration Solutions

Enable high performance teams and elevate customer experiences with artificial intelligence.

People insights, context, and intelligence

Today’s workflows are complex. Teamwork spans time zones, applications, and workplaces where outdated technology challenges your ability to get work done. Collaboration that integrates relationship intelligence and people insights, artificial intelligence, and business processes can result in better teamwork and proactive customer journeys. Work smarter with Webex.

95% of workers believe artificial intelligence can improve work tasks.

Source: Morar HPI Study

53% of organizations believe smart meeting rooms will improving business processes.

Source: Dimensional Research

52% increase in contact center interaction complexity in next 2 years.

Source: Deloitte Global Contact Center Survey

Cognitive collaboration powers better experiences

Intelligent customer journeys

Proactive contact center solutions use cognitive insights to create more meaningful customer interactions.

Intelligent workspaces

Create more agile workspaces that transform huddle and meeting room resources.

Intelligent teamwork

Discover an in-meeting experience that rivals in-person collaboration.

Experiences that rival in-person collaboration

Cognitive Collaboration delivers powerful AI and machine learning capabilities across the Webex portfolio. With capabilities like People Insights, Facial Recognition, and Webex Assistant, Cognitive Collaboration is transforming the virtual team experience.

People Insights builds relationships

Gain instant access to people and company profiles everywhere you collaborate.

Cognitive collaboration: Work smarter with Webex.

Bringing voice intelligence to Webex Meetings

Real-time transcription

Never miss a detail in your meeting with real-time meeting transcription and closed captioning. A great benefit for the hearing impaired.

Digital in-meeting assistant

Using voice commands, AI-powered Webex Assistant interacts with you to help with notes, highlights, follow-ups, and more.

Meeting recording transcripts

Record your meeting to get post-meeting transcript and presentation content.

Meeting highlights, action items

Ask Webex Assistant to take a note or just highlight the point yourself. Trigger words will also autocapture key points.


Learn how Webex Edge for Calling can help transform your workplace.

Cross-meeting search

Find that exact point in your recordings with key-word search; Webex saves you time by searching in one recording or across all your recordings.

See recent innovations in calling

Learn how new cloud calling solutions can elevate business results.

Accelerate your results

Improve your ROI with endpoint experts who can take your solution to the next level.


Keep your teams happier, more productive, and more connected than ever before with powerful collaboration tools designed for the small business.

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